Spouse of the Chinese Ambassador Mme. Qin Sa Holds a Chinese Folk Music Performance


On September 13th, 2017, Mme. Qin Sa, Spouse of the Chinese Ambassador to Finland organized a Chinese Folk Music Performance and invited Finnish government officials' spouses, members of IWCH and spouses of Ambassador from France, Egypt, South Korea and Uruguay.




In Mme. Qin's remarks, she warmly welcomed all guests and introduced that the Embassy invited musicians from the Hunan Provincial Song and Dance Theater Co.Ltd. to show the authentic Chinese folk music. She mentioned, "Chinese traditional culture has a long history and sound foundation, attracting many fans from all over the world. More and more cultural and people-to-people exchanges these years make great contributions to the long lasting friendship between China and Finland as well as peoples from two countries". She also wished that music, the universal language of mankind, could help the guests to experience the beauty of Chinese art and make them love China even more.





Professional musicians brought folk music ensembles like Moonlight of Spring River adapted from Chinese poem, Hunan featured Liuyang River, vivid New Version of Horse Racing and solos Tune of Rainbow by guzheng etc. There were also combinations of Chinese musical instrument erhu with western instrument guitar and Chinese-style music with western-style, such as Scarborough Fair and Csardas.





All of the guests were happy to be invited to enjoy beautiful melodies and praised this performance as excellent as a feast for ears.



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